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Fees and Appointments

To make an appointment

The best way to make an appointment at The Centre for Natural Fertility is to phone the reception team at The Natural Healthcare Centre on 01283 516444.

Click here to book an appointment, or a 15 minute free initial consultation, by email.

If you feel you need an initial 15 minute free consultation with Grahame Gargini to discuss your situation before booking for treatment just phone the reception team on 01283 516444.

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Fee Structure

Your particular situation is unique. Each treatment visit typically includes an examination and an assessment of your current condition, the acupuncture treatment, a review of herbs and nutritional and lifestyle advice and support.

Your first acupuncture and Chinese medicine appointment with Grahame generally lasts 60 to 90 minutes. Follow up visits generally lasts 50 minutes. Your first visit is usually £78 and follow up acupuncture visits are usually £50, but depends on the time of each appointment.

Initial Chinese Herbal medicine consultations without acupuncture are £58. Follow up consultations last 15 minutes and are £25. The cost of the individually designed Chinese herbal medicine formulas range from £10-£20 per week, including email and phone support.

Hypnotherapy session fees are dependent on the situation, so please enquire on 01283 516444.

Special Fee Packages

Acupuncture and herbal medicine have a profound and lasting impact on our health! This is due to the fact that this medicine works at the “root” of the problems, healing from the inside out, for the long term. This natural approach is subtle and powerful at the same time. This is why acupuncture is usually not a “quick fix”. The longer the body is out of balance the longer it takes to re-balance it. That is why Grahame Gargini offers the following packages:

  • Book 4 x 50 minute follow up visits – £180.
  • Book 6 x 50 minute follow up visits – £275.

 All major debit and credit cards are accepted.

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About The Centre For Natural Fertility

Grahame Gargini MBAcC MRCHM is the clinical director of AcuHealth, a company dedicated to achieving results and getting people well using Traditional Chinese Medicine incorporating acupuncture Chinese herbs and nutrition.  He is also the founder and centre manager of The Natural Healthcare Centre.

The Centre for Natural Fertility is a specialist clinic run at The Natural Healthcare Centre by Grahame to ensure couples have the very best chance of conceiving naturally or to increase their chances of success from assisted reproductive techniques, (eg IVF).


The Natural Healthcare Centre
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01283 516444

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