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Our new Acupuncturist – Scott Bridges MBAcC MRCHM

We are very fortunate to be able to offer the expert acupuncture and Chinese medicine skills of Scott Bridges at The Natural Healthcare Centre. Scott is a renowned expert in the field of Chinese medicine with over 18 years of clinical experience, in London and internationally.

Scott has worked in top hospitals and clinics all over the world and has carried out over 28,000 treatments over his career. He has been a leading and an especially successful acupuncturist helping patients with gynaecological, infertility and obstetrics.


Infertility now affects 1 in 7 couples, and the number seeking help has risen by over 40% in recent years. In 2018 68,000 assisted fertility treatments were performed in UK licensed clinics; around 1 in 4 were successful.

Natural and Chinese medicine is often helpful where conventional medicine is not. Infertility can be better managed or resolved with this approach.

natural fertility, herbal medicine, hypnotherapy burtonThe Centre for Natural Fertility based at The Natural Healthcare Centre in Burton-on-Trent offers an individualised programme for couples that includes one of, or a combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition and hypnotherapy.

Successful couples then have no need to embark on assisted conception techniques or can maximise the chances of success from their IVF, ICSI or IUI programme.



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About The Centre For Natural Fertility

Grahame Gargini MBAcC MRCHM is the clinical director of AcuHealth, a company dedicated to achieving results and getting people well using Traditional Chinese Medicine incorporating acupuncture Chinese herbs and nutrition.  He is also the founder and centre manager of The Natural Healthcare Centre.

The Centre for Natural Fertility is a specialist clinic run at The Natural Healthcare Centre by Grahame to ensure couples have the very best chance of conceiving naturally or to increase their chances of success from assisted reproductive techniques, (eg IVF).


The Natural Healthcare Centre
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